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Intelligent Financial Data Solutions

Analyze data with the speed, power, and accuracy of AI


Convert bank statements into .QBO and other formats Digitize documents and detect fraud in seconds


MoneyThumb ThumbPrint Coin

Supercharge Your Underwriting

PDF Insights accurately reads and analyzes financial documents and Thumbprint alerts you of potential fraud – all in less than 5 seconds.

MoneyThumb Online Program Browser Underwriting
MoneyThumb Online Program Browser

Get Transaction Data Easily

From PDF to QuickBooks and a number of other formats get Transaction Data when you need it most.

Works with Banks A-Z

MoneyThumb works with most of the banks around the world whether in the States or intercontinental, in fact, we haven’t met a bank that doesn’t.

Why MoneyThumb?

In a world where time is money, you can’t afford to slow down. MoneyThumb makes it easy to review loan documents in seconds instead of days.

99% Accuracy

Converts bank statement data without worry

Machine Learning

Corrects and flags questionable transactions with ease

Auto-Reconcile Transactions

Save time and take manual review out of the equation

Automated Cleanup

Standardize payee names and categorize transactions in seconds

Convert PDFs

The only OCR/IDR technology built for bank statements

World Class Customer Service

Thousands of satisfied customers

Find Us Across the Web

Proud to Support These Organizations

PDF Insights from MoneyThumb

Enables banks, lenders, and fintechs to read and analyze financial documents in seconds to determine a loan applicant’s credit worthiness.

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