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MCA Funders

Analyze bank statements and other financial documents into an instant scorecard to determine an applicant’s credit worthiness and get to an approval in minutes, not days.

Small Business Lenders

Evaluate financial documents and get an underwriting scorecard instantly with our automated document processing and fraud analysis tool.

Mortgage Lenders

Ideal for bank statement and asset-based loans and other non-QM loans, PDF Insights and Thumbprint can save you time and money while mitigating risk.

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Learn how to streamline your loan underwriting with our bank analysis tool. Automatically remove non-qualifying revenue, identify debt obligations, and detect fraud in seconds instead of days.

MoneyThumb VS. The Competition



Reconciliation Rate

MoneyThumb automates and reconciles 95% of all bank statements processed through PDF Insights with 99.9% accuracy.



Reconciliation Rate

Only 80% of bank statements processed using competitor tools are automated and reconciled. Competitor claims of 99% are ONLY on the percentage that reconcile.

More Intelligent Technology


MoneyThumb uses smart algorithms giving you more accurate results across the board.


The Competition uses AI which makes generalizations that affect accuracy and reliability.

More Applications Processed Than Competitor’s for the Same Cost


*10K Spent = 1,914 Applications Processed

Seeing is Believing!

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See What Our Happy Customers Are Saying

We started working with MoneyThumb about 6 months ago based on a recommendation. Our underwriters like the bank analysis tool - it saves them a ton of time vs. having to key in everything by hand which was a pain for them not to mention error-prone. We are very pleased so far with how much time we are saving.

Business Funder in NY

MoneyThumb's customer service is great. Whenever we have a question about the tool, they get back to us fast (usually within an hour - sometimes a little longer, but always same business day). We had been using a different company for our bank statements for almost 3 years and were nervous about making a change, but so glad we did. It's saving us a lot of money. We also just started using the fraud tool and it seems to be working well so far. It's definitely caught some stuff that our underwriter missed.

Small Business Lender in CA

Once we started using MoneyThumb to process our applications, it increased our underwriting throughput measurably. My underwriters used to be able to process about 8-10 files a day, and it’s more than tripled, even quadrupled in some cases. We are big fans.

Loan Underwriting Manager in FL

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