Installation Tips


Moving to a new computer?

If you need to reinstall your MoneyThumb converter on a new computer, or even on the same computer, you will need your download link and license code.

If you don’t have those two items, then head over to Resend License and request that your license be resent.  Note that you will need to enter either your email address or your order number so that we can look up your license information and resend it to you.  Then just follow the instructions above for your platform.

Running The Converter

On Windows or Mac OS X, double click the MoneyThumb icon on your desktop.

You may also run the converter from the Windows Start Menu, or run the converter .exe on Windows, i.e. PDF2QBO.exe, or the .app on Mac OS X, i.e. PDF2QBO

If you are running the portable version, run the .jar file, i.e. PDF2QBOportable.jar, by double clicking it, or starting it as a Java program.