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We are MoneyThumb

MoneyThumb simplifies your financial accounting through easy-to-use financial file converting and analysis tools.

Our products move transaction data from where you have it to where you need it, helping to maximize financial decision making.

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Ralph Mayer, president and CEO of MoneyThumb launched the company in 2015 to address the problem of automatically reading PDF bank statements to generate intelligent data. The first products were for accountants and bookkeepers, and that has broadened to include business lenders, mortgage lenders, and banks.

Prior to MoneyThumb, Mr. Mayer was an active angel investor, advising and mentoring startups, leading deals, and serving on boards. He was Chairman of Airsis Inc., a startup company funded by Tech Coast Angels that was successfully sold. He was on the Board of Directors of the Angel Capital Association, a national angel group organization, Chairman of the Tech Coast Angels Board of Governors, and President of San Diego Tech Coast Angels. He is currently Chairman Emeritus of Tech Coast Angels.



Ryan Campbell, MoneyThumb’s VP of Sales and Marketing, is no stranger to cutting-edge fintech. He’s been with MoneyThumb since 2017 and plays an integral role in leading our Sales and Marketing teams and the ongoing business development strategy at MoneyThumb.

Ryan has leveraged his experience in corporate finance and operations to help launch several start-up companies and created a specialized task force at Dealstruck, which broke company records in just three months. In addition, Ryan’s team development acumen has consistently enabled him to exceed sales and revenue goals for the past 15 years.

Ryan is a frequent traveler and attends most major trade events, including Money20/20, Lendit, BrokerFair, and NACLB.

Ryan Campbell MoneyThumb Portrait

See Where We Came From and Where We’ve Been

Reviews from the Outlets you Trust

“pdf2qbo CONVERT -Essential for Accountants & Bookkeepers: Easy to use, fast at converting, easy to follow, saves hours of input time.”

-cnet reviews-

The real benefit of 2qbo Convert Pro is the efficiency and simplicity of its design. 

-William Murphy, Senior Editor-

“Conclusion, for less than $200, you cannot beat 2qbo Convert Pro. This is a great bang for the buck, tons of return on investment if you are spending too much time with data entry.”

-Hector Garcia, CPA-

“csv2qif CONVERT is very flexible, worked perfectly. Great price, easy to use.”

-cnet reviews-

We Value Our Customers
Why Not Join Them?

“Your support has been fantastic today! The total converted transactions will be over 3000 when I am done. I could not have done it without your product and support! Thank you!!!”

Julie P.

“This is an outstanding product with a very little learning curve. You have the ability to adjust and tweak what each column needs to be translated as with ease. I can convert and upload 1,000’s of line items accurate require very little time. If you are struggling to manually input statements from PDF into your financial program or you just want your bookkeeper to not charge you so many hours, this product is the solution.”

Ryan B.

“I had no idea that your software existed. It saved me SO much time preparing for taxes (because i missed several months of downloads from my credit card company) and it worked flawlessly. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!”

Patrick F.

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