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Migrate Financial Data to and from Finance Apps
Like Mint, Personal Capital, Quicken, and Others

Take charge of your financial data and stay organized.

Converters designed just for Quicken users

Use our Quicken converters to bring your financial records up to date, eliminating the need to enter transaction data by hand. Convert virtually any file format into the QFX format for importing into Quicken.
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Convert transaction data into spreadsheets

With MoneyThumb’s converters, you can convert virtually any file format into the .CSV format for import into spreadsheets…from PDF, QFX, or QIF. No more entering transactions manually.
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For Xero users, we’ve got a great solution for you too.

Moving transactions in and out of QuickBooks can still be a challenge with some kinds of financial formats and statement types. MoneyThumb converters make it easy. Especially with PDF bank statements.
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Other cloud accounting programs? We've got you covered too!

One of the biggest headaches in migrating to a cloud accounting app is preserving the financial records you’ve already developed. MoneyThumb converters help make this process smooth and worry-free.
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The Leader in Bank Statement Conversion

Works with Over 99% of U.S. Banks
Unlike template-dependent processes, our software doesn’t need to be told upfront what bank statement format is being used. It automatically recognizes virtually every bank statement in the U.S.

Pinpoint OCR
Proprietary optical character recognition algorithms review questionable fields, look for patterns to self-correct and flag questionable transactions. Employ the power of the only OCR software developed specifically for bank statements.

Automatic Reconciliation
Conversion accuracy is ensured by automatic reconciliation, which compares transaction totals to summary information on the statement. If everything checks out, the statement is identified as reconciled, saving you time and manual review.

Payee Cleanup
Auto-assisted cleanup of transaction payee names helps keep transactions correctly categorized and consistent, saving you further review and correction time.

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