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Get Your Non-QM Borrower Approved Faster While Mitigating Risk

Review and analyze 24 months of bank and asset statements in seconds with PDF Insights. Find fraudulent files fast with Thumbprint®

Let’s Prioritize What Matters!

You Have Fraudulent Mortgage Applications,
Use Thumbprint® to Catch Those Upfront

3-5% of applications are fraudulent. That's where we come in!

Analyzes thousands of pages of financial documents and flags hundreds of suspicious documents every day

Creates customized scorecards and fraud scores that indicate the likelihood of document tampering

Saves lenders countless hours and mitigates significant losses 
due to fraud


With MoneyThumb’s Thumbprint fraud detection software, loan underwriters have a powerful tool at their fingertips that can help them make more confident and faster credit decisions. With Thumbprint, you can arm your team with a powerful defense against a potential loss of millions of dollars due to fraud.


Three Easy Steps

Complete Application Mortgage Lender Blue


Mortgage Applicant fills out
existing online

Upload Documents Green


Mortgage Lender uploads
documents to
PDF Insights

Review Scorecard Blue


Underwriting scorecard
with Thumbprint fraud
analysis is generated
in seconds

Fully Customizable Underwriting Scorecard

Statement Month Total Credits Total Debits Ending Balance # of Debits # of Credits Avg Balance Days Negative
TOTALS 750 193 $1,604,183 1
Averages $324,062 $320,837 $320,837 150 39 $320,837 0
February $241,547 $218,973 $218,973 137 40 $218,973 0
March $355,760 $375,025 $375,025 161 42 $375,025 1
April $295,667 $284,533 $284,533 150 33 $284,533 0
May $403,274 $404,815 $404,815 152 39 $404,815 0

Feel Secure Under Our Roof

Adjustments and Addbacks
at Your Fingertips

Identify and remove transactions that should not be included as revenue such as transfers, loans, and recovery companies

Identify Debt

Quickly identify debt payments like loans, transfers, credit card, and other obligations such as accounts payable, tax payments, and accrued expenses.

Reveal Fraud

Discover negative transactions such as low balance days, presence of other transfers, non-reconciled summaries, and potential fraud flags

Additional Transaction Characteristics


Review the number of occurrences, by statement month, where the account was overdrawn due to insufficient funds.


See the number and type of transfer in and out of the account.


Review the number of transactions that resulted in an overdraft incident by statement month.

Daily Balance and Cash Flows

Evaluate the overall health of the account by quickly reviewing account averages by month, total credits, total debits, average balances, and more.

PDF Insights and Thumbprint. A Powerful Combination.

PDF Insights accurately reads and analyzes financial documents and Thumbprint alerts you of potential fraud - all in less than 5 seconds. This powerful combination delivers:

Increased Accuracy and Productivity

Format Flexibility

The Power to Analyze Statements for 99% of U.S. Banks

Fraud Mitigation

Two Simple Ways to Integrate

You’re time is money and we’re looking to get you up and running in record time. Looking at which one works best for you and your workflow we offer a comprehensive Web App as well as a integrated API.

MoneyThumb Online Web App Browser

Web App – Use our interactive web application to drag and drop documents for processing. Review the documents and view the MoneyThumb scorecard with statistics. Then download the scorecard back to your CRM system.

MoneyThumb Online Web API Browser

API – Use our web service via a REST API called directly from your CRM system. Send the documents for processing via the API and get back the analyzed data and scorecard in JSON format for use by your CRM system.

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