As a MoneyThumb Affiliate You Can Expand Your Business Offerings Today

Becoming a MoneyThumb affiliate provides a way for you to earn money by promoting and selling our products to your prospects and existing customers. Please review the benefits and information below.

First – Here’s an Overview of MoneyThumb!

Second – Here’s Some Details on our Affiliate Program!

Exclusive Affiliate Benefits

✓ Earn 20% Commission
✓ Expand Your Business Offerings
✓ Gain a Competitive Edge
✓ Completely FREE to Sign Up!
✓ Absolutely No Strings Attached

How It Works

By placing a small MoneyThumb link (which we supply) on your website and/or social channels, you can start earning commissions from purchases of our products made from your site visitors. And if you don’t have a website, you can still participate – simply have your referrals use your Affiliate ID when placing an order. You’ll receive the commission.



Are There Risks?

✓ Signing up as an affiliate with MoneyThumb is 100% FREE Guaranteed
✓ We will never share any of your personal information
✓ You are not required to refer any set number of customers
✓ You are not required to place any specific number of orders
✓ You get paid a commission for every referral, no strings attached.


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