Taking Bank Records to the Cloud

Online personal finance and small business accounting apps have taken off the last several years – from Xero to other newcomers like Kashoo, Zoho and MYOB – to online versions of Intuit’s Quicken and QuickBooks. Our transaction converters help you move to or between online platforms as simple and painlessly as possible.


Our Converters Can Get Your Data Into Almost Any App You Need

Whether your originating data is from a bank, Quicken, QuickBooks or Excel, our converters can transform it into the format you need. For instance, pdf2ofx Convert+ and csv2ofx Convert take transaction data from banks and spreadsheets and transform it into the Open Financial Exchange (OFX) format specialized for online financial data exchange. This then natively imports into Xero, MoneyDance and others.



Easily Move Transactions into QuickBooks Online

MoneyThumb’s SlickConnect is a streamlined package of MoneyThumb financial file converters that import data directly into QuickBooks Online. Import bank statement and financial files into QuickBooks Online, convert data in and out of Excel or other spreadsheet programs for editing, convert multiple files in a single step, and even perform basic editing of transactions. Use MoneyThumb’s intuitive Preview mode to view and edit transaction data before the actual conversion.



Quicken Online: No Problem!

Easily convert paper or downloaded PDF statements into the QFX format necessary for import into Quicken with pdf2qft Convert+ . You can extract transactions from bank, credit card, and brokerage statements to quickly bring your financial records up to date. pdf2qft Convert+ includes a one year PDF+ license (scanned image conversions) to handle all of your PDF document conversion needs.



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