Convert to Quicken – pdf to Quicken, csv to Quicken, qif to Quicken and others

MoneyThumb’s 2Convert line of financial file converters for Quicken can easily convert your financial transaction data from virtually any source into Quicken’s .qfx format. Quicken then natively imports the data for integration into your total financial picture.

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If you would like to see csv2qif Convert in action, please visit our Run Live Demo  where you can test the product’s functionality with a small upload file.

PDFs & Historical Transaction Data

Quicken users have faced a challenge in importing bank, credit card or brokerage transactions that are 6 months or older. This is because a large number of financial institutions only supply historical transaction data in .pdf format, which Quicken does not natively import. Fortunately, MoneyThumb’s pdf2qfx Convert+ makes use of advanced algorithms to compare your .pdf file against those supplied by hundreds of financial institutions and ensures that your .pdf to .qfx file conversion process is smooth and easy.

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pdf2qfx Convert works with historical transactions from such leading banks & financial institutions as: Wells Fargo • Bank of America • Chase Bank • CitiBank • US Bank • Barclays • Royal Bank of Canada • American Express • Discover • Charles Schwab • Fidelity • Ameritrade • PayPal • Many Others

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Other Conversions to Quicken

Often you may have financial transaction supplied by a financial institution in .csv format or sitting on a spreadsheet that needs to get into Quicken. csv2qfx Convert will make that conversion with a single click. Your bank may not provide transactions data in QFX format for Quicken, but might supply other formats for Microsoft Money, GnuCash, Moneydance, iBank or AceMoney.  Use ofx2qfx Convert to get it into Quicken. Or your bank might only provide QuickBooks format.  Our qbo2qfx Convert will convert that.  Lastly, qif2qfx Convert can help get historical transactional data into the newest Quicken financial file format and integrated into your full financial view.

Those that prefer working with older versions of Quicken that can no longer import QFX files can use our line of into .qif converters. You may prefer using QIF files because they support categories, while QFX files do not. If you need to get your historical transaction data in Quicken .qif format, use pdf2qif Convert+ for a fast and accurate solution. If you have all of your data in Excel or other spreadsheet formats, and want it in Quicken, our csv2qif Convert does the job with ease. Quicken’s use of multiple file formats over the years has made it difficult for some to get all of their files into one place. If you’re seeking to convert from one Quicken file format to another, you can utilize qxf2qif Convert or qxf2csv Convert to convert from Quicken Transfer Format. These financial file converters allow users to see all of their financial data in one unified picture.

Converters that Import into Quicken

Quicken has used three different external file types over the various versions released: QIF, QXF, and QFX. Quicken Interchange Format (QIF) is an older version that most Windows versions of Quicken still support, although Quicken Personal and Quicken Personal Plus can only import QFX files.  Intuit limited import of QIF files in 2006 and newer versions of Quicken rely on Quicken Financial Exchange (QFX) files for importing data. QIF is an open format file type (free to use), but Quicken charges banks a fee to import their QFX files.  Quicken Transfer Format (QXF) is a proprietary format  used to transfer entire Quicken data files, and we have software to convert QXF to QIF or CSV format if you are moving to other personal finance software.
MoneyThumb can help users to change from one Quicken file type to another, so it’s easy to convert files from .qif to .qfx, convert .qfx to .qif, and convert .qxf to .qif.
Those seeking to convert from other file types into Quicken have several options. Convert .pdf to .qfx – or convert .pdf to .qif – with ease using our financial converter software. This is beneficial for paper  statements which have been scanned or for old bank statements which are often only available as PDF downloads. We also offer converters to change spreadsheets into Quicken files: .csv to .qif, and .csv to qfx. Small business owners and QuickBooks users may prefer .qbo to .qfx. This allows users to have all financial transactions in one finance management program. Others might prefer OFX (Open Financial Exchange) files, which are widely used by financial institutions and personal accounting software. MoneyThumb offers converter software from .ofx to .qfx, so you’re covered to convert virtually any financial document into Quicken format files.