Product Reviews

“The real benefit of 2qbo Convert Pro is the efficiency and simplicity of its design. If your bank is in their list of banks for which they have created the conversion configuration settings, then you can take old PDF-file bank statements and have them imported into QuickBooks in no time.  With this economical software, bank imports from PDF statements are ‘thumbs-up’!
William Murphy, Senior Editor, Intuitive Accountant

“Conclusion, for less than $150, you cannot beat 2qbo Convert Pro. This is a great bang for the buck, tons of return on investment if you are spending too much time with data entry.”
Hector Garcia, CPA, QuickBooks Training

“pdf2qbo CONVERT -Essential for Accountants & Bookkeepers: Easy to use, fast at converting, easy to follow, saves hours of input time.
Overclockin, CNET Review

“csv2qif CONVERT is very flexible, worked perfectly. Great price, easy to use.”
WhatFund2Buy, CNET Review


Video Reviews

Hector Garcia’s YouTube review – Review/WalkThrough of 2qbo Convert Pro


Press Releases

March 3, 2016 – MoneyThumb Launches New Product Line Supporting Digital Document Conversions

January 29, 2015 – MoneyThumb Specialized Conversion Tools Import PDF Bank and Credit Card Statements Easily for Painless Small Business Tax Preparation