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pdf2qbo Convert+


Convert PDF to QBO – works with all types of PDF Statements

Get the power of the only .pdf file converter with OCR technology specialized for recognizing bank statements.

  • Easily convert paper or downloaded PDF Statements into QBO format necessary for import into QuickBooks.
  • Extract transactions from bank and credit card statements to quickly bring your financial records up to date.
  • pdf2qbo Convert+ includes a one year PDF+ license (scanned image conversions) to handle all of your .pdf document conversion needs for both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.
  • Please note: pdf2qbo Convert+ is currently only available for Windows.

If you have a one-time job or short-term assignment, please consider pdf2qbo Convert+ Express with 50 day license. If you do not need OCR, or are using a Mac, please see pdf2qbo Convert.


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Product Description

pdf2qbo Convert+ combines a lifetime pdf2qbo license with a one year PDF+ license so that you can easily convert any type of PDF Statement into the .qbo format necessary for import into QuickBooks. Extract transactions from bank and credit card statements to bring financial records up to date. The one year PDF+ license enlists the power of MoneyThumb’s PinPoint OCR (optical character recognition) technology that seamlessly integrates with our standard, text-based pdf2qbo Convert product. PDF+ is automatically invoked whenever pdf2qbo Convert encounters a scanned document or image-based .pdf. It can also be used to transform searchable .pdf documents created by other OCR software into the .qbo format for import into QuickBooks. PinPoint OCR is specifically designed to work with bank statements and will attempt to correct the text recognition based on its context in the statement. And if that still doesn’t work, the converter shows you exactly what text needs to be manually corrected.

Purchase the power of the only .pdf file converter with OCR technology specialized for recognizing bank statements.

  • License Length: Lifetime pdf2qbo Convert license plus one year PDF+ license (MoneyThumb’s PinPoint OCR technology)
  • PinPoint OCR: MoneyThumb’s sophisticated OCR technology that checks its own work to ensure critical characters are converted.
  • Easy Interface: Simple-to-use and user-friendly platform.
  • One-Step Conversions: Instantly converts with the click of a button.
  • Efficient: Automatically checks formats, bypasses non-relevant errors and yields maximum data.
  • Worldwide Functionality: Delivers your choice of currency, as well as both U.S. and European date formats.
  • Advanced Security: Runs on the desktop without requiring direct access to your financial accounts.
  • Flexible: Suitable for import into both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.

PinPoint OCR

MoneyThumb’s PDF+ with PinPoint OCR is a must-have even if you already have other OCR software. The reason is that PinPoint OCR is specifically optimized for reading bank and credit card statements, and utilizes the expected content of the document to correct errors. No OCR process is perfect, and even the best OCR processing will occasionally get fooled by dirt or dust and transpose lookalike characters such as 1-l, 5-S, or a-g. And if the original document or scan is of poor quality, the numbers of errors goes up dramatically.

MoneyThumb’s core OCR processor is from a company that specializes in OCR and ranks with the best in terms of quality. In addition we improve results by doing a second pass with PinPoint technology. PinPoint leverages the fact that bank and credit card statements are composed of columns with dates and currency values. Therefore the converter can identify text which is in column of dates or amounts, but does not fit that format. Something simple such as an S instead of a 5 would otherwise make such a transaction unrecognizable. Or a date with a month such as Aua rather than Aug.

PinPoint Recognition

PinPoint OCR does a second recognition pass on just the text that didn’t appear to be correct, and constrains the OCR engine to only return text strings that match the expected format. By doing this, PinPoint enables the converter to correctly process many transactions that otherwise would require manual correction. The result is 100% accuracy on many documents that had frequent errors before PinPoint processing. And even if a text snippet is completely illegible, the line containing that text will be automatically flagged as a possible transaction. This highlighting capability significantly speeds workflow when processing less than perfect PDF scans, and saves you the time of otherwise hunting through a long statement for a missing transaction.

Payee Cleanup

MoneyThumb’s Payee Cleanup provides an automated way to remove extraneous text from the payee descriptions that are often found in bank and credit statements, and convert them into meaningful payee names. For example you would probably want ‘Staples’ rather than something like “Checkcard payment on 01/12 to Staples #123”. A meaningful name makes it possible to total up amounts spent at any one store, and then also categorize transactions so that your spending records are more accurate.

Payee cleanup can automatically remove phone numbers, amounts, dates, state name abbreviations, and store numbers from payee names. You can replace punctuation by spaces, and compress extra spaces. You can also specify phrases to remove such as “Checkcard payment”, “POS charge”, or “PayPal”. And you can use wildcard patterns to remove all words starting or ending with a certain prefix/suffix. Finally you can adjust the payee name to be upper case, lower case, or title case. Each cleanup option is individually selectable.

You can test which options and phrases to use interactively. The cleanup options are shown in one window, and the preview list of transactions are in a window next to it. As you click an option or type a phrase, all the payee names will instantly reflect your options. You can see exactly how your choices modify the names.

Payee Cleanup Simulation

When you accept the options and import the transactions, the payee name will be the cleaned up text. The original full descriptive text can also be duplicated into the memo field.