What Kind of Scans Work Best with PDF+ and PinPoint OCR

The output quality of OCR depends on the quality of your scanner and paper statement. For high-quality scans and image-based pdfs with high resolution and crisp readability, your OCR output might be flawless, or with only a few errors that PinPoint OCR can easily correct. But when you begin with a poor quality scan, the time and effort involved to manually fix OCR errors can be too much. Please follow these guidelines to understand what scanned and image-based PDFs work best with our technology.

  • Make sure your original statement is crisp and clean
  • Your scanner settings should be for high resolution – preferably 300dpi
  • Make sure your scanned document is not tilted, but instead forms a nice straight 90 degree right angle
  • Please ensure your scanner is free from dirt, scratch marks or even stray hairs
  • Your scanned document should not include any markup annotations that could confuse the OCR software
  • Incorrect brightness settings can affect scan output. 50% value is best
  • Older and discolored documents may not produce useful OCR
  • If all of the above is followed correctly, your document should be nearly free if not entirely free of speckles