PDF+ Products Work with Scanned Document Types

What is PDF+?

PDF+ is MoneyThumb’s OCR option for scanned and image based PDF Statements.

OCR stands for “optical character recognition” – a computational technique that recognizes letter and numerical characters within an image file so that they can be converted into data and read by applications.

How is PDF+ Different than other OCR programs?

PDF+ uses MoneyThumb’s proprietary PinPoint OCR technology optimized for financial statements. Like other OCR, it does an optical recognition process first to attempt to process the statement. However, it will then also attempt to reconcile it to verify that all transactions have been found. If the statement does not reconcile, PDF+ will go back through the statement looking for values that might have been missed.

For example, if a period had a spec of dust that caused it to be recognized as a comma, or the number ‘5’ looked like the letter ‘S’, then the transaction amount would not have been recognized as currency. Once PDF+ knows that a column should contain values of a certain type, it will attempt to recognize those values again using the column context.

Furthermore, should PDF+ still not reconcile the statement, it will then highlight for the user exactly which values may need manual attention to produce final reconciliation.

How Does PDF+ Work?

PDF+ is automatically invoked whenever a pdf2 Convert product encounters a scanned document or image-based .pdf. It can also reprocess searchable .pdf documents created by other OCR software, and even the encrypted .pdf statements issued by some banks.

PinPoint OCR is specifically designed to work with bank statements, and will attempt to correct text based on its context within the statement. And it that doesn’t work, the converter shows you exactly what text needs to be manually corrected.

PinPoint CorrectionPDF+ Products

These Pro product bundles combine a lifetime PDF Convert product license with a one year PDF+ license: 2qbo Convert Pro+, 2qfx Convert Pro+, and 2ofx Convert Pro+

For PDF conversion that do straight conversion without facilitating spreadsheet editing we offer pdf2qfx Convert+, pdf2qbo Convert+, pdf2ofx Convert+, pdf2csv Convert+, and pdf2qif Convert+.

All of these PDF Convert+ products are also available in a lower-cost Express version that combines the PDF Convert base product and PDF+ license into one license that expires after 50 days. This is good for short-term assignments and one-off jobs.

Converters that Use PDF+