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MoneyThumb’s 2Convert line of financial file converters for QuickBooks can easily convert your financial transaction data from virtually any source into QuickBook’s .qbo format. QuickBooks then natively imports the data for integration into your total financial picture.

Historical Transaction Data & PDFs

QuickBooks users have faced a challenge in importing bank, credit card or brokerage transactions that are 6 months or older. This is because a large number of financial institutions only supply historical transaction data in .pdf format, which QuickBooks does not natively import. Fortunately, MoneyThumb’s pdf2qbo Convert+ makes use of advanced algorithms to compare your .pdf file against those supplied by hundreds of financial institutions and ensures that your .pdf to .qbo file conversion process is smooth and easy. If you also need to edit the transactions in Excel, then 2qbo Convert Pro+ is designed for professionals who needs additional power. Such as conversion to and from Excel, import of QIF and even QBO files, and converting multiple files in one step.

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pdf2qbo Convert works with historical transactions from such leading banks & financial institutions as: Wells Fargo • Bank of America • Chase Bank • CitiBank • US Bank • Barclays • Royal Bank of Canada • American Express • Discover • Charles Schwab • Fidelity • Ameritrade • PayPal • Many Others

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Additional Use Cases

If your bank does not provide transactions in a format for QuickBooks, but does support Quicken you can use the QFX files created for Quicken. Our qfx2qbo Convert does the trick. Or you may have financial transactions supplied by a financial institution in .csv format or sitting on a spreadsheet that needs to get into QuickBooks. csv2qbo Convert will make that conversion with a single click.  Or you may have data that was prepared in OFX format for Microsoft Money, GnuCash, Moneydance, iBank or AceMoney: use  ofx2qbo Convert to get it into QuickBooks. Lastly, qif2qbo Convert can help get historical transactional data into the newest QuickBooks financial file format and integrated into your full financial view.

Converters that Import into QuickBooks

QBO (QuickBooks Online) is the only file format that QuickBooks software accepts, so many need to convert files to .qbo format.  If importing from a spreadsheet, Excel, or CSV file to QuickBooks, our .csv to .qbo converter does the job with ease. Others may start with an Open Financial Exchange OFX file that they need to get into QuickBooks. OFX is used by many financial institutions, which results in a need for .ofx to .qbo software. QuickBooks only imports QBOs, but many banks, brokerage firms, and credit card companies only offer historical statements as PDFs. MoneyThumb has created .pdf to .qbo converters to solve this problem. QuickBooks professionals and certified QuickBooks advisors may prefer the 2qbo Convert Pro software. This package also allows users to convert from Excel for transaction editing and cleanup, and adds other productivity features.